Assignment 1

  1. Write a biography about yourself.

Assignment 2

  1. Create Word Webs in Microsoft Word to improve vocabulary
  2. Take 5 of your most difficult vocabulary words and create a web of synonyms
  3. Each week add to your Word Webs.

Assignment 3

  1. Use one of your new vocabulary words and create a story using that word

  2. Create your story in Movie Maker.
  3. Draw some of your pictures for the story in Paintbrush or Adobe Photoshop
  4. Put the story together, add transitions and effects to your movie

Assignment 4

  1. Create a monster using Adobe Photoshop

  2. Create parts of the monster in different layers in Photoshop
  3. Put yourself in the picture with your monster
  4. Write a description of your monster
  5. Exchange monster's description with someone in the class and have them draw your monster from your description
  6. Write a story about your monster. What is the name of your monster? What does your monster like to do? What are his/her favorite sports? Is your monster friendly or mean? What are your monster's favorite foods? Is your monster afraid of anything? What special talent does your monster have?

Assignment 5

  1. Write a friendly letter in Microsoft Word

  2. Make sure you use the five parts of a friendly letter

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